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Teams of Consulting and vocational training center at INTERPROJECT LTD design the establishment and updates in the layout of offices, laboratories, workplaces, storage and other specialized spaces in laboratories and  inspection bodies according to the requirements of:

  • Quality management system based on EN ISO/IEC 17025 for testing and calibration laboratories;
  • Quality management system based on EN ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection bodies.


CVTC offers carrying out services on above mentioned systems to design and develop plans for construction and equipment of workplaces according with established requirements and conditions:

  • Maintaining particular characteristics of the environment according to the requirements of the carried out tests / calibrations/ control, including – air conditioning;
  • Separation of incompatible activities in different rooms;
  • Controlled access to the workplaces;
  • Keeping workplaces съгласно according to carried out testing / calibration / control etc.


Projects shall be prepared for building of indicated areas and for positioning of relevant equipment, such as – standards, devices, other equipment etc. Iin order to prevent negative influences on the quality of the results of carried out tests (calibration / control), by establishing the necessary background for their performance using of appropriate accommodation and environmental conditions. Monitoring, management and recording of environmental conditions are an important guideline in current policy of the staff of laboratories and inspection bodies. Increased monitoring is recommended on the constancy and permanency according to established environmental conditions.


Teams of CVTC are developing specific requirements for planning and implementing the work area of laboratories and inspection bodies, the achievement of the following circumstances is recommended:

  • All laboratory space and offices shall meet the requirements on granting circumstances for normal working conditions;
  • The rooms shall be arranged in order to exclude cross-contamination from parallel tests and other experiments, as well as performing incompatible activities;
  • Special attention is given to the planning and implementation of microbiological and sensory (organoleptic) laboratories according to specific requirements.


It is recommended, the basic factors influencing the environmental measurements, for example – temperature, humidity and air velocity; lighting, noise, vibration, electric safety and more., to followed established limits. The ranges of variation of the most frequently controlled variables are very broad, it is recommended:

  • Environmental temperature – (15 ÷ 25 ) 0С
  • Relative air humidity – (30 ÷ 65 ) % RH

Ensured observance is required to the influencing factors, which are established by available air conditioning in the rooms and permanent, equipment control.