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Control and testing of products is carrying out, for export to Russia according to GOST.

Most types of products and equipment are required to be certified, as well as produced in Russia, and imported from abroad. About types of production, which are not subject to mandatory certification, a voluntary certificate may be issued. The order of voluntary certification and the list of documents required are substantially identical to mandatory certification.

The order for obtaining a certificate is:

  • Filing an application form for carrying out certification of customer’s products;
  • The applicant shall submit the required documents, appearance of which is mandatory: evidences, conclusions and certificates, in accordance with the established requirements;
  • Signing a contract for carrying out certification;
  • Developing a program and methodology of carrying out certification;
  • Testing and production expertise;
  • Analysis of the manufacturing (if provided by the certification scheme);
  • Design, issue and registration of the certificate of conformity of production or equipment.

In the Russian Federation 16 certification schemes are accepted: 1, 1а, 2, 2а, 3, 3а, 4, 4а, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9а, 10, 10а.

  • Certification schemes 1-6 and 9а-10а are applied in certification of serial production, produced during the entire period of the certificate;
  • Certification schemes 7, 8, 9 – are applied in certification of a batch or single product;
  • The implementation of these schemes is appropriate by certifying the production of small companies, but also for certification of nonrecurring batches of small volume from Russian or imported production.

The activity is carried out in cooperation with ROSTEST on contractual and legal basis on economic relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.