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Colleagues of testing laboratories and inspection bodies,

We are pleased to inform you that we have received the right to use / place the new combined accreditation mark of the Accredited Provider at INTERPROJECT  LTD including the ILAC mark.

The Accredited Provider at INTERPROJECT  LTD received the new Accreditation Certificate № 526/T–007/11.11.2020 , valid until 11.11.2025, issued by Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS). The PT Provider has been successfully re-accredited for the period of next 5 years.

The SNAS Accreditation Certificate received is presented on the company’s website.

The Programme the PT Provider at INTERPROJECTLTD for the conduct of proficiency testing by technical projects for interlaboratory comparissons in the period 2020  is running successfully in 10 areas with implemented flexible approach.

The updated Programme the PT Provider at „INTERPROJECT“ LTD for the conduct of PT by technical projects for ILC in the period 2021 is active with 19 technical projects and the updated Programme for the period 2015 – 2024.

Additional proposals for new testing objects and indicators are still being accepted. Marked with an asterisk (*) are technical projects on which matrix reference materials (MRM) will be developed and will be granted to the participants in the TP. By participating in a project, the participant not only proves the technical competence of the Laboratory, but also verifies the applied methods. Participation in a PT scheme not only proves the technical competence of the Laboratory, but also verifies the applied methods. It is allowed to participate with more than one method in order to prove their comparability.

On the web page of Interproject Ltd, you can find a Register of Matrix Refenece Materials, that can be purchased. They are developed regarding the procedure “interlaboratory certification”.

More information can be obtained from Customers Requests: Mrs Dafinka Slavova GSM: 0885 757 789, e–mail:, also at www.inter–

Greetings and stay HEALTHY: 





of personnel in laboratories and inspection bodies



Colleagues of testing laboratories and inspection bodies,

Attention!  We would like to inform you that with respect to the decision of the National Accreditation Body – BAS for accreditation of laboratories and inspection bodies applying flexible scope from 16.04.2020 and according to the requirements of the new procedure BAS QR 32 “Flexible Scope Accreditation Procedure”. The management of the LICENSED VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER at Interproject Ltd has expanded its “Training and education program” for 2020 with an update of 6 consecutive courses, of which 3 courses for laboratories (№17, №18 and №50) and 3 courses for inspection bodies (№48, №19 and №23) with the specified topic.

The updated “Training program for laboratories and inspection bodies for 2020” and the above 6 invitations have been uploaded on the web site – www.inter–

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Colleagues, Managers of Inspection bodies,

Attention! We would like to inform you that on 22.05.2020 the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) has publishes a new version of a document ILAC P15:05/2020 Application of ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the Accreditation of Inspection Bodies. 

In order to comply with the provisions of IAF/ILAC A2 clause 2.1.1, signatories to the ILAC MRA shall implement this document within 18 months from the date of publication (November 2021).

The management of the LICENSED VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER at Interproject Ltd has completed the first course № 33/2020 of the planned three additional training courses for personnel in Inspection Bodies in accordance with the new requirements of ILAC P15: 05/2020 and presentation of practical cases on the implementation of the changes. During the training course the analysis of the changes in the new version of ILAC P15: 05/2020 was discussed in order to comply with the necessary actions to bring its activity in line according to the requirements.

There was considerable interest in the course, it was attended by about 50 people, on-site and distance learning.


Dear colleagues and friends,
I am pleased to announce that the planned supervision of the accredited Provider by Interproject Ltd. by the National Accreditation Authority of Slovakia (SNAS) in the period 18-22.12.2017 has been successfully completed, for which you have a merit! The final overall score is positive, there are no inconsistencies. Our accredited scope has been confirmed in the 10 major areas:
1. Natural water
2. Waste water
3. Food of plant origin
4. Food of animal origin
5. Wines, spirits, beer, soft drinks and energy drinks
6. Solid fuels
7. Liquid fuels
8. Textiles and textile products
9. Cosmetic and household chemicals
10. Soils
We thank everyone for their cooperation and competent participation in the projects as well as for their participation in the direct meetings with the Slovak auditors!
Happy holidays, lots of happiness and love!
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