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The Provider has 11 subcontractors – accredited laboratories for the characterization of the tested materials:

  1. Test Center „GLOBALTEST” at IC GLOBALTEST Ltd.
  2. Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL) at “DIAL” JSC
  3. National Center for Food Safety at National Diagnostic Scientific and Research Institute for Veterinary Medicine (NDSRIVM) at BASF BABH
  4. Laboratory of Food Testing at “EL BI BULGARIKUM” JSC
  5. Laboratory for testing food, feed and biological materials at “RVS” JSC
  6. Central Laboratory at “VP Brands International”JSC
  7. Testing Laboratory “Water and Fuels”at“AMEEC” Ltd
  8. Laboratory for testing, analyzing and controlling the quality of fuel-lubricants and special liquids at Military Formation 24510 – Ministry of Defence
  9. Directorate Testing Laboratory at „EUROTEST-CONTROL” ЕАD
  10. Testing Laboratory at TEXCONTROL Ltd
  11. Testing Laboratory at National Laboratory BulRose Ltd