INTERPROJECT LTD is  with main activities such as: consulting services, audits и training in quality management; vocational training, qualification and requalification of youths and adults, education services and intermediation in searching and finding a job.

Our intention is to achieve a quality vocational training and training that meet the needs and interests of the individual, the society, the educational and training institutions, the employers.

Our mission is to carry out activities in the field of vocational training for unemployed people, employees needing a higher level of qualification, persons looking for self improvement and qualification, relevant to the needs of the labor market and the developing competitiveness of Bulgarian economy. Realizing the responsibility and specific activities we get acquainted to perspective and desired professional areas professions and majors that are essential for the future development.

Our vision for the future. The company develops as a modern European type institution through the means of scientific and technical progress and using the human potential, it develops a concept for vocational education, training and guidance in the light of lifelong learning, to provide effective integration and reintegration of human resources relevant to the needs of the labor market.



MANAGER   –   PhD Marina Georgieva

DEPUTY MANAGER   –   Eng. Nikolina Ivanova



SUPPLIER’S DATA: The LICENSED VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER at INTERPROJECT Ltd has License № 2015121223 by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) since 01.07.2015.


Since September 2015 the LTVC at INTERPROJECT Ltd has an agreement with the EMPLOYMENT AGENCY as supplier for vocational training of all licensed professions.




ATTENTION CANDIDATES! Pay Attention to  the training!

The LICENSED VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER at INTERPROJECT Ltd has License № 2015121223 by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET) which is part of the Ministry of Education. NAVET is the only institution in Bulgaria that gives license to companies providing vocational training.

Public documents issued by the LTVC at INTERPROJECT Ltd are based on the license from NAVET and according to the Law on Vocational Education and Training in Bulgaria. The documents issued to the students after applying of a relevant exam before committee consisting of a minimum of three members are: Vocational training certificate template № 3-37 и Certificate for professional qualification template № 3-54. Both these documents have watermarks and are valid across the country and in Europe (Bulgaria’s EU member).


  1. Aged 16 years.
  2. Secondary and higher education, completed at least sixth grade.
  3. Good physical status.


Required documents for submission in vocational training course:

  1. Identity document
  2. Application for registration in in vocational training course
  3. A copy of the completed secondary or higher education
  4. A medical certificate, verifying the health status of candidate
  5. Two recent photographs – 1- to acquire the level of qualification; 2- as part of the profession
  6. Contract of training / signed between the center and the student /
  7. Payment for the training – presenting deposit slip for payment of a tuition fee by bank transfer.


Extract from the register of vocational training centers

License №: 2015121223 / 01.07.2015
Identification: LTVC at INTERPROJECT Ltd
Location: Sofia, Sofia Municipality
Postal Code: 1164
Registered Address: Gotse Delchev district, bl. 40, en. А, fl. 4
Representing a person: Nikolina Duncheva Ivanova
Phone Number – main: 0882 121 245
Phone Number: 0884 771 028



IS LICENSED BY NAVET – License № 2015121223





Professional direction Code Specialty Level of qualification
1 2 3 4 5
345120 Economist 3451203 Farm 3
346010 Office manager 3460101 Business-administration 3
522010 Electrician 5220101 Electrical machinery and apparatus 3
5220109 Electrical installations 3
524040 Analyst 5240401 Technological and microbiological control in chemical industries 3
5240402 Technological and microbiological control in food production 3
541060 Technician-technologist quality of food and drink 5410601 Quality control and safety of food and beverages 3
621030 Plant breeders 6210302 Plant breeders  and grain producing 2
6210308 Plant Protection 2
621060 Farmer 6210601 Farmer 2
621140 Agroecology 6211401 Agroecology 3
623040 Forester 6230401 Forestry 2
623060 Worker forestry 6230601 Silvicultural activities 1
811010 Hotel accommodation 8110101 Organization of hotel accommodation 3
811020 Administrator hotels 8110201 Organization of service in hotels 3
811060 Restaurant management 8110602 Organization of service in hotels 3
8110603 Catering 3
812010 Organizer of tourist agency 8120101 Organization of tourism and leisure time 3
812040 Animator in tourism 8120402 Tourism animation 3
851010 Ecologist 8510101 Ecology and environmental protection 3